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leah's Journal

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
11:52 pm
dear everyone,

i hate you all!

burn in a firey pit.

" i musn't be high b/c of all the fresh air around me"


" If i was high i would smell like WEEEEEEED"

life is an empty bowl, or bowel, of cherries.


its too hot to wear pants so, i might as well take them off.

i heard cats don't have thumbs but i don't belive it. they can throw punches.

suck my kiss please. hit me, you can't hurt me. hit me, please pervert me. stick with this.


i recently inherited a plot of land in the yukon. if you'd like to join me in a life of coldness please contact me.

andy milonakis is a sham.

stop reading this liz.

i know you are standing behind me you crazy bitch!

i know you broke into my house just like you did last night.

i saw you eyeing me from the closet.


leah bean christine feind machine canibal

current mood: out of town

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